Abundance Estimation

There are a variety of techniques available to researchers and management agencies for estimating the abundance of marine mammal populations.
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Behavioural ecology

The field study of behaviour, coupled with appropriate statistical analyses, underlies much of the research undertaken by MUCRU members.
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Fisheries interactions

Interactions between marine mammals and fisheries continue to grow with the human demand for seafood.
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Innovative techniques

The conservation and management of many marine mammal species is dependent on monitoring their population status and habitat use.
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Marine mammal health

We strive to assess and monitor the health of marine mammals to support both the early detection of adverse impacts from natural and anthropogenic pressures.
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Citizen Science

Harnessing observations and input from the general public to maximize the spatial, temporal and numeric scales of a research project.
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Collaborative Research

Marine mammal research with Universities, Government and International Partners

Blogs from the field

Sound Science

The members of MUCRU work to deliver rigorous applied and fundamental research projects.

Research Capabilities

We specialise in peer reviewed published research in the fields of marine mammal science and conservation.

Informing Management

Science-based conservation of marine mammals and decision-making for industry, government, and the community.
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