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Our field work aim for the Bunbury region is to complete six cycles within one season. One cycle constitutes completing three transect routes that cover the study area (see figure 1), which usually takes three days.

If possible, we aim to complete each cycle in three consecutive days. Unfortunately, the weather does not always allow for this.

Figure 1

Figure 1 - Click image to see larger view

Currently, we are conducting our third cycle for the winter season (June – August).

Today, we encountered three dolphin groups in the inshore waters (Koombana Bay, Leschenault Estuary and Inlet and the Collie River).

For two sightings the dolphins were actively socialising and leaping out of the water. We are looking forward to beginning our offshore transects this week. Sadly, Eileen, an intern from Germany left last week to continue her studies (a huge thank you to Eileen, you were a great help). Megan, who is from America, and Sina, who is from Germany, have also been a tremendous help and are leaving late this week to work and travel. We now have a new intern from Holland, Inge, who studies environmental science and tourism.

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