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MUCRU is actively engaged in offering workshops on cetacean conservation issue, statistical methodologies and strategic development of marine wildlife research in Western Australia.

To date, workshops have engaged students, academics, wildlife managers, government representatives and industry.

See below links for past workshops:

  1. Workshop with Professor Hal Whiteheard – February 2011 :
    SOCPROG and the analysis of animal social structure using individual identifications.
  2. Workshop with Professor Philip Hammmond and Ana Cañadas – January 2011:
    Spatial modelling of cetacean habitat use and abundance.
  3. Workshop with Lars Bejder PhD, Professor Neil Loneragan, and Nick Gales PhD – December 2010:
    Building long-term research capacity and partnerships for marine wildlife research in Western Australia – with special emphasis on marine mammals.
  4. Workshop hosted by Murdoch University and International Whaling Commission (IWC) – April 2008:
    MUCRU and IWC hosted workshop entitled:Large-scale whalewatching research initiative.
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