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Shona Wharton - Honours Student

Everything about the marine environment fascinates me, especially how science is communicated in this generation. There are many new avenues where scientific discoveries can be widely distributed through, such as smartphones, social media and using multimedia communication. My ambition is to share the amazing discoveries of the marine world in ways that people with different backgrounds can understand and engage with. There are many anthropogenic impacts on the marine life and through communicating scientific discoveries I hope to drive a passion for marine conservation among all walks of life. I love the environment and want to see it flourishing in future generations.
Coastal Walkabout

Honours in Marine Science at Murdoch University (currently studying)
Bachelor of Science at Murdoch University (exchange semester at Uppsala University, Sweden)
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration at Murdoch University

GVI Turtle Conservation in Greece – Participant in July 2012
Tethy’s Dolphin and Whale Research Boat in Ligurian Sea, Italy – Participant in July 2012

A/Prof. Lars Bejder – Honours Supervisor
Dr. Hugh Finn – Honours Supervisor
Murdoch Aspirations and Pathways for University (MAP4U)
Science Researcher
Dixon Road, Rockingham, 6168
Western Australia
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