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My primary focus in marine science is conservation. I am particularly eager to assess anthropogenic impacts on marine mammals. I am interested in how behavioural changes due to human induced pressures can influence survival, reproduction and population dynamics of a cetacean species. My aim is to contribute to knowledge of behavioural ecology, reproductive biology and bioenergetics of baleen whales to aid marine management. In my previous and current research I have focused on bioenergetics of humpback whales and behavioral ecology of minke whales retrospectively. Further I am focused on how non-lethal research methods can be implemented and applied to management frameworks to assist in conservation.
The aim of my current project is to identify what spatial and temporal environmental variables (e.g. depth, SST, tide, ocean current) affect the feeding probability in minke whales in Faxaflói Bay, Iceland. Faxaflói Bay constitutes an important feeding ground for minke whales in the North Atlantic, with feeding taking place close to land, Garður offers a unique location to study the natural feeding behavior of this species without influencing its behavior.
2013-2015: Bachelor of Science in Marine Science with marine biology and conservation biology minors. Murdoch University, Perth.
2016: Bachelor honours in Marine Science, Murdoch University, Perth.
Relative volunteering:
I am a dolphin watch (river guardian) volunteer and a member of the Save Our Marine Life not for profit organization.
Dr Fredrik Christiansen, Murdoch University, Australia
Dr Kate R. Sprogis, Murdoch University, Australia
Holly Greenhalgh
Cetacean Research Unit
School for Veterinary and Life Sciences
Murdoch University
South Street, Murdoch, WA 6150 Australia

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