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This will be my last blog as the Research Leader for Murdoch University’s Cetacean Research Unit, as I have accepted a new position at the University of Hawaii to lead the Marine Mammal Research Program within the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. I commence the new role on 2 January 2018.

While I am excited for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead in Hawaii for my family and I, I depart Murdoch University’s Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU) with mixed emotions. I have been at Murdoch since early 2006, and I have enjoyed my time here immensely and have been fortunate to work and interact with numerous inspiring and dedicated students and colleagues.

Over the past ~11 years, MUCRU members have achieved great things together, and I would like to thank and acknowledge each and every member for contributing to the success of what is MUCRU. The foundation of such success comes from the work of many extremely dedicated and passionate people. As I depart, I leave a solid research group, with a strong national and international reputation – which stems from high-quality science, a strong philosophy around stakeholder engagement (including the general public, industry, management agencies, NGOs), a strong and professional work ethic, and a desire to make a difference.

MUCRU Hawaiian farewell party for the Bejder family

Moving forward, MUCRU leadership is in good hands with four very capable post-doctoral fellows – Drs Fredrik Christiansen, Chris Clueger, Amanda Hodgson and Josh Smith – and Professor Neil Loneragan. Moreover, MUCRU also has strong honorary post-doctoral fellows, PhD candidates, and national and international adjunct scientists. I will retain an Adjunct position Murdoch University where I will continue to supervise current PhD students, and continue some of my research collaborations.

For general MUCRU enquiries, please email or approach individual members on project specific questions. Please visit here for an overview of group members:

My new affiliation and contact details are:


Lars Bejder

Marine Mammal Research Program

Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology

University of Hawaii at Manoa


I wish everyone at MUCRU the very best for the future and look forward to maintaining communications and collaborations with members in the future. I hope to see you in Hawaii.

Kind regards,


Lars Bejder PhD
Lars Bejder PhD
Professor Lars Bejder PhD is the Research Leader of the Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit.
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